08 September 2012

Penang Heritage Day 2012

In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful


Assalamualaikum everyone. How are you doing? May You are all in the best of health and imaan. May Allah keep and guide us through His path.


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Alhamdulillah last 7 July on Penang Heritage Day, we were having open day at Masjid Kapitan Keling. I should have update this story earlier but a lil bit busy (such a lame excuse..huhuSmile with tongue out).

Penang Heritage Day is a celebration of the inscription of George Town on the UNESCO World Heritage Listing on 7th July 2008. Having such a great celebration here, of course we should grab this opportunity to make use any possible way or method in inviting people who does not know anything yet about Islam. A great dai’e will try their best to perform dakwah in any way. And this is one of the method of dakwah by Islamic Propagation Society International.

Program start with a briefing by Vice President of IPSI, Dr. Amir, on how to conduct dakwah, what we should and shouldn’t do, some advice and also motivation hoping that all the volunteer can play their role successfully. Alhamdulillah, on that day, many people join us as a volunteer and helping all IPSI Ajks throughout the day. Such a blessing, alhamdulillah. May Allah reward all of you with Jannah, Ameen…




2 days before the program, we attended courses called Awareness Through Mosque Tour (ATMT) conducted by IPSI at IPSI Building. Program starts with briefing by Bro Kamarudin about the structure of Masjid Kapitan Keling and the steps how to conduct the tour. Bro Kamarudin also give us some tips how to do dakwah and also how to answer question from the visitor. I was invited to share my experience in doing Mosque Tour with the participants because Bro Siraj can’t make it that night. Hope some of them can benefit something from my sharing though I know I’m still learning and enhance my skill….

How we conducted the tour? You can read it HERE : DAKWAH THROUGH MASJID TOUR


Let’s enjoy some pictures! Red heart


This lady is from Penang. She came early in the morning. I think about 9 am. I start my tour by explaining our kiblah, ablution and how we perform our prayer, what we are reciting. She’s very interested to know what is Islam all about. She ask a lot of question. And she request Al-Quran as well. Se told me that she loves to learn about other religion. I pray to Allah May He shows guidance to this lady as she’s learning and reading about Islam… Ameen..



This lady is from Germany but currently working in London as an architect. She came to Penang to observe the architecture of Penang heritage building and one of them is Masjid Kapitan keling. She said she’d been in few mosques before in different country. May oneday Allah opens her heart to accept Islam as her way of life… Ameen..



I can’t remember where this lady from but I still remember what she said when we explain to her the concept of God in Islam, “ I can’t believe in God which I can’t see and touch. I just can’t accept it.”  Can you help her to answer that question?Winking smile



This family is from China. They can’t really understand English and we don’t have volunteer who can’t speak their language (cantonese if I’m not mistaken). But we entertain them because they are our guest . They are very nice people and I’m sure they enjoy the moment in the mosque…Thumbs up












These are some pictures of volunteers participate on that day. They are very eager and passionate in explaining what is Islam to the visitors. Some of them even stay from morning till night. Masyaallah, may Allah reward all of you. Ameen…

Alhamdulillah, most of visitors coming with 0 % knowledge of Islam and some of them do have some background about Islam such as Allah, prayer, Muhammad, Kaabah and etc. During briefing of ATMT, Bro Kamarudin advised us to read arabic text of the Quran and follow with translation even though we know that they will not understand  the arabic text. We muslim here in Malaysia also don’t know the meaning of Al-Quran when we reciting the Al-Quran but somehow we can “feel” the peace, serenity and tranquillity, right? As we know, Quran is a miracle and words of God. And yes, I heard a lot of comment from the visitors they said when they listen to our recitation, they can feel the calmness and peace in their heart even though they don’t know the meaning. Allahu Akbar!

Do you want to join us in spreading the message of Islam? Islamic Propagation Society International will conducting 10 months dakwah training, which is once in a month, to those who interested to learn the skills of dakwah.

First training will start this month. Details as below:



Date: 30 Sept 2012

Time: 8.30 am

Venue: Auditorium Sheikh Ahmad Deedat, IPSI Buiding, Level 1, No. 197, Argyll Road, Georgetown, Penang.

Fee: RM50 per participant

If you are interested to participate this training, you can just email me:



call secretary of IPSI 04-2274846 or email: ipsimal@gmail.com

Do register yourself as we have limited seat.


With Love,Red heart



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