04 January 2010

No secret recipe

In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

Hari yang sangat memenatkan dan agak mengecewakan. Tadi lepas buat experiment untuk final year project (FYP) ada kemungkinan kami terpaksa ulang balik semua experiment yang dah di buat sepanjang sem lepas. Semasa kami mula-mula buat experiment, machine film processor ok. But then lama-lama machine tu dah bagi result yang berbeza. Jadi kami terpaksa buat balik. Dah banyak kali try mintak dibetulkan mesin tu tapi tak dapat. Jadi kami terpaksa proceed takut nanti tak siap pulak. Bermula semster baru mesin tu dah ok pulak. Jadi kami terpaksa ulang balik semula semuanya sebab data yang dapat dah berbeza. Sepatutnya kami hanya berbaki 3 experiment je lagi. But then, we have to repeat and maybe the machine will broke again and we keep repeating without finish it.

Tajuk FYP saya STUDY ON X-RAY FILTRATION AT DIAGNOSTIC ENERGY. Tajuk ni tak sesusah mana tapi sangat leceh. Melibatkan banyak data dan memenatkan. Ia berkaitan filter yang digunakan dalam x-ray. Kami diberi beberapa sample untuk dikaji kesannya pada diagnostic energy. When we scan part of our body using x-ray to get an image, we will be exposed to x-ray radiation which will be harm to our body if the exposure is to much. When the x-ray was exposed, our tissue will absorbed the x-ray and penetrate through then hit the film which then image of the body structure will be obtained on  the film. During the process we have to limit the absorption of x-ray by our body bcoz it will harm ourselves. Not all the x-ray are able to convert their energy into image. It has certain energy level which will determine how deep the x-ray can penetrate our body tissue and hit the film. If the energy not strong enough then it will just absorb fully into our body without hitting the film. Therefore no image will be obtained. Filtration is needed to eliminate low-energy x-ray from entering our body. We know that too much exposure to our body it may cause cancer or any other fatal causes. The radiographer has to make sure the patient only be exposed to minimum dose of x-ray but in the same time obtain good image contrast. Regarding my project, we'll try to find which material will filter most low-energy x-ray but still gaining good image contrast.

Ok. Enough bout my project. We get back to our topic 'NO SECRET RECIPE'. Just to motivate and cheer up myself coz i really feel down when we have to repeat all the experiment.

In doing things, no matter what it is no short cut. If we would like to get better result in future we have to try our best and don't give up easily. Even though you have to try and try and try again, just proceed coz there must be path which will lead you to success. If we read history of noble prize winner, just to make a simple theory of science which we learn today, not that easy. When they have a theory then they have to prove it through experiment. Even to build light bulb, Thomas Edison tried thousand times so we can get benefit from that. If Thomas Edison may just give up, by any chance we may not have light bulb today. DON'T EVER GIVE UP.
There's no secret recipe. It depends on ourselves how much we struggle to hit the target. Keep on trying. Tomorrow never die...=)



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