12 February 2012

Selamat Datang ke Dunia Orang Dewasa

In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

Actually kepala tengah berserabut memikirkan idea untuk siapkan proposal phd yang entah bila nak siap ni. By hook or by crook kena jugak siapkan dalam minggu ni sebab minggu depan dah nak daftar phd. I don’t want any delay…


Ada sape-sape nak tolong buatkan tak?huhu…


Berbalik kepada tajuk kat atas tu, selamat datang ke dunia orang dewasa. Since I’ve graduated from my Master’s study I’ve going around looking for a job. Attending few interviews with different positions and each of them give me a different experience and knowledge to be appreciate even though I don’t get the job. I ended having an offer from RLKA USM which is scholarship offer to you and you have to further and finish your study until phd. Well, it’s a long journey even I already finish my master. Now, I have to struggle for another 3 years. Since I get the offer, I stopped looking for a permanent job. I’ve working as a replacement teacher at SMK Sg Nibong near USM and currently I’m working at E-Educator where the office is inside USM. So its easy for me to settle everything for my study. If I have a choice I don’t want to do any job. I just want to concentrate on my phd because its make me exhausted to complete both at the same time. But then, another matter come. Which is MONEY. How can I survive here without money. Living at Penang which the living expenses is very high sometimes makes me feel down. Everything just not right.

I’m turning 24 years old this year. Such unbelievable facts for me. Feels like I’m still in my first year degree still cant really stand on my own feet. Being an adult is not an easy task. When you step out from your student life and enter a working life,things just won’t be the same anymore. You can hardly trust people anymore, you don’t have your social life anymore and your responsibility is getting bigger and bigger. If you cannot discipline yourself from now, you won’t be able to face the world out there. If you are not mature enough or smart enough to defend yourself, others may stabbed you from the back and they may take an advantage from you.

One of my friend said to me, you cant show to people your true identity. Your kindness and do not act innocently cause people will taking an advantage towards you. Well, I don’t believe it at first. Why you have to act like someone else. But now, when I’ve given an opportunity to deal with someone in corporate world, I cant say what he said to me is wrong. It may not apply to everyone, but at least it makes me cautious with everyone I meet. Its good to husnu zhon with everyone but at the same time you have to remember that, that person may have other intentions towards you. You can just say that Allah will protect you from any harm, but at the same time you have to put an effort to protect yourselves.

Being an adult you have to figure out everything by yourself. Be prepared….Winking smile


p/s: Sorry..I’m just mengarut as my mind is so serabut now…

With Love,Red heart



Подтверждаю (fadzli)

as salam..
wah..dah nak mulakan phd ;)
pakcik masih belum berpeluang. ujian-Nya dimana-mana.

Menjadi dewasa juga, bermakna, bebanan bertambah2. rintangan dakwah juga semakin berisiko. seperti pakcik. di rusia, dakwah cukup sukar. kena buat secara sembunyi2.

apa pun, jangan lupa istikharah. buat phd mudah, tapi menentukan hala tuju hidup, amat tukar. sebab kena selalu ingat. da 2 cabang. syurga dan neraka. jiak baik hala tujunya ketika hidup, insya'Allah redha-Nya, syurga. jika neraka..moga dijauhkan tergolong dari kalangan munafik.. kekal selama-lamanya..


teruskan usaha. pilihlah jalan yang terbaik. disusuli dengan ucapan alhamdulillah..


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