04 November 2012

I wonder

In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

Assalamualaikum Brothers and Sisters. All praise is due to Allah, the Lord and Cherisher of the Universe. May His peace and blessings be upon our beloved prophet, Muhammad (PBUH), his household, companions and all followers of the right guidance till the Day of Judgment.


Have you ever wondered how the chair that you sit on was made?

Have you ever wondered how the plant grow themselves and how they actually eat in order to survive?

Have you ever wondered how you can breath but you can even see the air?

Have you ever wondered why can feel the wind but cannot see it?

Have you ever wondered how this universe came about?




Last year, when I became English Tuition Teacher, I came across this poem while teaching my Form 2 students. I believe some of you have read this poem during your secondary school, right? When I read this poem for the first time, I wonder, what actually was in the author’s mind. Does she actually wonder is there any god in this world that create this entire universe?

In this poem, the persona wonders why the grass has to be green,why she can feel the wind but cannot see it, how the birds know how to build a nest, why the trees are always standing straight and tall, never once sitting down to have a rest. At night, the persona sees the crescent moon and wonders why it is not always round and during the day persona cannot see the moon so she wonders who light the stars at night. She also wonders how the colourful rainbow appears in the sky and hangs the fluffy clouds up so high in the sky. Finally she wonders why his father does not answer her questions. Maybe her father does not know the answer.

“We (Allah) shall show them Our Signs on the horizons and within themselves, until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth. Is it not sufficient that the Lord is Witness over all things?”  (Quran 41:53)

This verse can be interpreted as  “We will show them the evidence that the Quran is the truth and show them the signs that it came down from Allah.”

Yes, the answer is Allah. Allah made all of them according to what He pleased. Allah is our creator. Not just to Muslim but for entire creation. You can found in the Quran Allah mention “Oo, People of The Books” “Oo, Children of Israel” “Does the unbeliever sees” . Those verse is not for us, Muslim but also for others. But why we keep this only for us?


“it is he who stretched out the earth and placed upon it firm mountains and rivers. and of all fruits, he has put in it two pairs and drew the veil of night over the day. surely, in these there are signs for a nation who think.” (Quran, 13:3)


“and he has made subservient for you the night and the day and the sun and the moon, and the stars are made subservient by his commandment; most surely there are signs in this for a people who ponder;” (Quran, 16:12)


Allah said:

And We send not the signs except as a warning.” (al-Israa 17:59)

In these signs, there is a reminder, there is mercy; mercy from Allah, who is asking us to seek His forgiveness, for what our deeds have earned us. A gentle reminder that one day we will return back to Him.

Still wonder? Turn to Allah. You will get all the answer to your questions.

“To Allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and Earth. He gives life and causes to die. You have no protector or helper besides Allah.” (Surat at-Tawba, 116)


With Love,Red heart



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