01 October 2012

Is there any pause button?

In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most merciful

Assalamualaikum everyone… How are doing? May you all in the best of health and imaan… May Allah grant you happiness and blessing in your life.

"Two nikmats taken for granted by many people; health and leisure time"

True isn’t it? When we’re healthy we are taking granting of our health. Abuse ‘haq’ of the body and overload ourselves until oneday we caught some kind of sickness. Same thing with leisure time. When we have free time, we just play around, fooling around and do useless thing until when we are busy then only we know, "ah only if those leisure time I spent sometime planning and preparing so now I won’t be so busy.

I’m busy!

That’s the reality now..huhu.. Are you complaining Sakinah???

I  got so many thing need to be manage at one time. Sometimes, I even feeling down thinking of what should I do. How should I manage all of this. Ya, I did plan many things how to do this and to do that but then other things keep coming along the way and give me some kind of headache.



These are my commitment now. Not much, just four of them. huh!

When I’ve given a responsibility for all those thing, I have to plan everything properly so it would not interfere with one and another. I know many people out there has many responsibility than mine but yet they can still do a good job. I respect all those people. And do know as well people who has task less and more than me that just don’t really bother about ‘amanah’ they hold to. May Allah forgive them. Amanah is not something you can play around. You will be questioned by Allah in the hereafter. Watch out!

I’m not complaining actually.huhu… Just a lil bit of sharing about my life. All those commitments involve 3 places, Penang, Ipoh and Kelantan. They are not close to each other. So I need to run here and there. Plus it cost a lot of many as well. It just a lil bit stress sometimes. And I even feeling down as well. I could not ignore any of them and I have to give my best for all of them. 



Found this last night…

I used to carry one book during my degree which is comparative religion book which I compiled all notes given in the class and make them into a book so that it’s easier for me to refer and carry them. I paste those words on the book. When I’m feeling down I used to read it coz it gives some kind of spirit to me… But then when times goes by, many thing happens and I seems to forget all these words.

Ya. I need a pause button and look back how’s my life before and improve them. Sometimes in your life, you cannot just go on without any direction. And sometimes you deviates from the track so you need to stop and push yourself back on the track. While I’m writing this I’m actually thinking and planning how to put all of them on track so that no one will collapse…


Is there any pause button?


With Love,Red heart



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