23 June 2012

Wedding Gift dari sahabat KPA =)

In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

Assalamualaikum Brothers and Sisters….May Allah Bless us always..May you and I in the best of Health and Imaan…Ameen.

Pagi tadi dapat sms dari junior KPA, Fairuz bagitau yang dia nak jumpa saya. Malam ni nak balik dah katanya. KPA is actually short form Kelas Perbandingan Agama yang dikendalikan oleh IPSI.

So about 3 pm I met her at Tekun. And guess what, I got a gift from her. Its from KPA members.

Fairuz: “Buat sendiri ni…Ada sepasang..=)”

I was excited to know what’s inside this box. Sampai je kat bilik, terus snap gambar first.


The gift….Smile


This is the card..Thanks for the Doa’…Open-mouthed smile










Personalized Mug…. Soooo cute….Red heart

I got a lot of glass and mug for my wedding gifts..But this one is very special. Definitely will use them with my husband later.


Dari Kami: KPA 2012


KPA Batch 2012 and seniors at IPSI Building. Miss them so much..Thank you for every memory we created together. May Allah bind our hearts together…Smile



The only thing I can say is:


Thank You! Winking smile

With Love,Red heart



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