29 March 2012

Mini Library

In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

Assalamualaikum Semua….Semoga sentiasa berada dalam lindungan dan naungan rahmat dan kasih sayangNYA. Jum’ah Mubarak!

Last few days I just walking around at Foyer DK near library PHS 1 USM. They actually having pc fair. I want to buy new cooling pad seems the old one cannot be used anymore…$$$$$ ( I need money! huhu ) And suddenly I came across an exhibition if I’m not mistaken from School of house, building and planning (HBP). I don’t know what they call but it was awesome. So creative. Among all the crafts, I was attracted to a craft called “Reading sanctuary”.






See..Nice isn’t it. I’m a book’s lover. When I see this I was smiling brightly. I wish I can have this kind of reading sanctuary. I’m planning to have a mini library when I owned a house later. Kalau pergi shopping mall, I can just give a glance to them and walk away and can still tahan myself from buying things. But when it comes to book, I just cant resist it. Huhu. So bila duit tengah takde memang takkan pergi book shops. Definitely I will buy at least one book. Haish…








These are some books in my room..I need to reorganize it since I don’t have enough space to keep all these books…


And these are books from our living room at my house. My father do have many kitabs and and some of them in arabic language. Unfortunately I cannot understand arabic. I have to use dictionary if I want to read the book. Gonna learn arabic later insyaallah.

See all these timbunan buku, I need a space for all my books. How about these ideas:


I took this picture from someone’s fb but I not remember who. This should be at living room.


For the mini library I want this color (light purple). I love purple! Smile

This should be at mini library. Need a special room for my mini library.


And not to forget at the kitchen also I want a space for my books. At least when I’m cooking and waiting for the cooking I can grab one of them and read. (Even though I don’t know how to cook..hehe)

Saya pernah ke library Institut Ibnu Qayyim (IQ) di bawah kelolaan Dr. Asri, sebab ada meeting kat sana. Agak menarik juga library tu. Tapi belum ada banyak buku lagi sebab baru je siap library.





Cantikkan..Rasanya bagus juga kalau ada mini library yang dilengkapi dengan kemudahan untuk kelas pengajaran sekali. Saya punya satu impian, semoga nanti rumah yang saya duduki akan dipenuhi dengan kelas-kelas ilmu, mungkin boleh jadi centre untuk usrah atau kuliah agama kecil-kecilan untuk orang sekeliling. Supaya nanti keluarga saya, anak-anak saya membesar dalam suasana yang soleh/solehah.

Well, that’s all. Doakan semoga saya memilikinya suatu hari nanti.Smile

With Love,Red heart



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