14 December 2011

A Receipt

In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful
Last Saturday saya ke Book Xcess dekat Amcorp Mall. First time ke sana macam teruja jugak tengok buku yang murah-murah. All of them are English books. Tapi tak grab mana-mana buku pun since this is the first visit.
Pernah tak jumpa receipt yang sangat panjang? Saya just beli gunting je. Tapi resit dia punya la panjang. Jenuh nak menunggu. Rupa-rupanya dekat resit tu dia ada Book Xcess receipt story.

Panjang tak...

Setiap receipt tu ada berbeza-beza punya cerita. Its like a poem. Well, I'm a bit excited since this is the first time I saw receipt that has story on it. I used to keep all my receipt so that I can refer back whenever I need it. Now I have another reason to keep it. The receipt has a story on it.

Klik untuk baca apa yang tertulis pada receipt di atas

I got an idea when I saw that receipt. It will be a good dakwah if Muslim who owns a shop then on the receipt they printed something that gives information or anything regarding Islam or a brief explanation about the teaching of the Al-Quran. It will be great right. Now I'm thinking to have my own shop..huhu

P/s: Rupanya ada website khas untuk receipt story. Boleh baca dan menyumbang idea di sini.
Even it just a receipt, if we use it wisely it can be a powerful paper.
~Think Smart~
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