23 December 2011

Book Xcess

In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

     Last entry I talk about a long receipt from Book Xcess. So, today’s entry I just wanna introduce Book Xcess to all of you. This bookstore located inside Amcorp Mall at Taman Jaya in front of Taman Jaya LRT station.


Nie la Amcorp Mall


BookXcess from the front

     There’s a lot of English International books here and its very cheap. Repeat. VERY CHEAP. Most of the books cost only around RM17.90. You can get 3 books just for RM50. It looks like a Borders at Queensbay but of course the price is more expensive.

     There are various type of books especially novels and most of them are cost as lowest as RM9.90 even for Malay novels. Before this I go to Chowrasta, Penang to buy second hand English Books so that I can get it at a lower price. But here, you can get first hand book with lower price as well. But unfortunately I’m not staying at KL. Don’t know if I still have a chance to go there. I definitely go there when I go to KL again.Insyaallah..


See…It’s very cheap

This is a website for Book Xcess. You can get more detail and list of the books that they have. Enjoy it! ^_^


There’s another two place I wish I can drop by which is Kinokuniya and Saba Islamic Media. I don’t have any idea what kind of bookstore Kinokuniya is because I just heard from a friends this bookstore has a lot of books. For Saba Islamic Media, there are focus on Islamic books. You can get Harun Yahya books here. I wish I will have a chance to go there. Of course I have to spare more money..Smile




p/s: I’m not a promoter and they did not paid me any cent for this review..Smile with tongue out




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