29 June 2018

Benefit Doing House Chores

In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

Assalamualaikum, All praise is due to Allah, the Lord and Cherisher of the Universe. May His peace and blessings be upon our beloved prophet, Muhammad (PBUH), his household, companions and all followers of the right guidance till the Day of Judgment.


I have come across a video on the benefits of doing house chores to the children. One of them if your child become smarter if they know how to do their house chores. As I read the comments, some of the parents disagree with the idea by saying that they want their child to focus on study instead of doing house chores. And the child is doing fine with the study and good job without even have to do the house chores to help them become smarter.


It reminds me of a movie I watch during my childhood. Its a kungfu movie if I’m not mistaken. There is one man who used to get bullied apply to learn martial arts. He was rejected many times by the Master. After a lot of begging, the Master now accept him to be his student. However, when he get there, the Master only ask him to do the house chores for the place. He just do it without questioning and happy to do what the Master asked him to do. Other students keep on asking him why he did only house chores and wasn’t allow to join the training session. He keep on positive attitude and saying that maybe when the times come, the Master will start teaching him martial arts and he get to train with other students as well. After a months of doing only house chores, he request the Master to teach him martial arts but the Master said its not the time yet. Just keep on doing what you were told. But then, something happen to the martial arts center. Its like a temple maybe. I didn’t quite remember the place. So this man want to help in keeping the place save but he didn’t know martial art. He go and request again from the Master. Giving no choice, the Master now teach him martial arts. He explained what he asked the student to do house chores before train him. House chores help in strength, patience, focus and creative. Like sweeping, mopping, laundry will make you stay fit with your body and also train you to be focus and patience. In cooking, it helps you to be creative and well planned. Because you have to plan ahead what you need to cook together with the ingredients. You have to know what is the suitable temperature and the method of cooking. If the ingredients are not available what are the suitable substitutions. When he start to learn martial arts, he now know how to analyse his enemy character, what plan he should take to encounter them and be patience while fighting them. You have to be composed not to get angry or let emotions takes over yourself. Or else you will be lost. This scene stay in my mind for so long. I used to complain when I was asked to do house chores from my mom.huhu… But as I grown up and now being a wife and a mother myself, I can relate again what the Master said with what my mother asked me to do.


I grown up in a family where my parents never discriminate between boys or girls in doing house chores. All of us will have to take part in cleaning out the house, dishes, laundry and etc. My dad also help in doing house chores. He did not let my mom do all the things on her own. My mom always tell how grateful she is to have a husband that help in doing house chores.

Recently, a lot of articles circulating complaining how tired the wife especially housewife in taking care of her children, doing house chores, cooking but the husband did not even help and said that its not their job and they are tired. This is what happen when boys are not been taught how to do house chores and used to see his mother do all the thing on her own. When they get married, they will have the perspective that house chores is belong to women. Not man.

It is time for us to start teaching our kids to do house chores when they are ready. Without discrimination of gender. All has to take part in making this happen.


NURRed heart


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