04 September 2011

Terima Kasih Adikku Sayang…^_^

In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

Last Tuesday my little brother came to my room and shouted “Happy Birthday” to me. I was in the bathroom at that time. I’m just laughing coz I thought “macam-macam la Taj ni”. My birthday is  4 August not that day.

But then, I found something on my bed.


IMG094 (2)

A birthday present from my sister =)


It’s a birthday present. A flower made of chocolates. I love chocolate very much. Even it’s a bit too late, but thanks to my beloved sister for the present. I’m touched.

I remember we used to fight each time we face each other during our childhood time. When I’m thinking bout the past, sometimes it makes me laugh. I guess because blood is thicker than water. Family relationships are stronger and more important than other kinds of relationship. How can you hate your own family even  you always fighting with each other. Well we’ve grown up now. We have different path to take but we’re gonna meet somewhere at the end because we’re seeking for the same thing. May Allah bless me and my family. Thanks to Allah for giving me such a wonderful fmily even it gives me headache sometimes. Its not easy to play a role as an elder sister. A role that seems easy in theory but requires infinite patience and understanding to execute. ^_^



I miss Amirah already…

To my sister who’s gonna celebrate her birthday this coming Friday, I wish you Happy Birthday. May this coming birthday give you lots of joys and happiness throughout your life. May all your dreams come true.

My dear sister - Angah:

“Islam is your oyster and you are its pearl.

Let it protect you, make it your world.

Have faith in Allah.

You are His jewel.

Let Him protect you from the cruel people of this world.

Lift your imaan to the peaks,

don’t let them drag you down,

you are the germ of Islam,

So proudly wear your crown.

Ease will soon follow, as hard as it may seem.

May you stand firmly. Ameen.

Happy birthday to you….”





~Eid Mubarak =)


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