06 July 2017

Be A Growth Mindset Person

In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful Assalamualaikum, All praise is due to Allah, the Lord and Cherisher of the Universe. May His peace and blessings be upon our beloved prophet, Muhammad (PBUH), his household, companions and all followers of the right guidance till the Day of Judgment.

I first came across about ‘Growth Mindset’ when I attended Parenting Seminar by Dr Siti at USM. She introduced us to Dr Carol Dweck’s ideas on Growth Mindset, the power of ‘yet’. Then I start searching for this idea and watched her short lecture in Tedex.

Basically, this idea is about you believes that when you actually came across anything that is hard for you or any challenges that you faced, it is either you just give up or you take this difficulties and challenges to improve yourself and try harder. If you are a type of person who just give up and believes that you cannot do it, you are actually a ‘fixed’ mindset person. However, if you believes that, you are not ‘yet’ successful in overcoming the difficulties, and you are not going to give up, you are a ‘growth’ mindset person.




She also has few books about this idea. Currently I only own one in Kindle but haven’t finish it yet. Laughing out loud You can understand the idea by watching her videos or interviews in youtube.

dr carol


These are the differences between having fixed or growth mindset:

“People with the fixed mindset tend to think that their intelligence or capability is fixed. For example, some ‘smart’ people think they are smart because that is the way they are born. They think they need to look smart in every situation and are very averse to taking on challenges because they do not want to fail or look foolish. They have the tendency to attach their self-worth and identity to their work or the end result and have the need to prove themselves. They do not move forward unless they are certain that they can succeed. They tend to approach everything with the attitude of ‘all or nothing’ and give up easily in the face of setbacks.

On the other hand, people with the growth mindset know that everything can be changed and different intelligence and skills can be developed. They like stretching themselves to take on new challenges and view every misstep or mistake as something that is helping them grow and becoming who they need to be to go to the next level. The have no attachment to the results that they get and focus mainly on their effort. They are grateful for the ’gradual improvements’ on the journey of learning and mastering different skills.

So, people who are successful in life tend to have the growth mindset. That is what allows them to persist and have patience while working hard to achieve their goals.”

-Productive Muslim



How can you change yourself from having a fixed mindset to become a person with growth mindset.


Having a growth mindset will help you to have a better life. Rather than having an inferior and inner battle with yourself, why dont you just move forward and give yourself a chance to improve? In this increasingly unpredictable and ambiguous world, we need to remain open-minded to new ways of thinking. Successful person is the one who accepts these challenges and changed with a ‘growth mindset’. Whether you are a student, worker, leader, parent or anyone, always appreciate the process than the outcome. It will helps you to view a world from different insight.

So, be a person with a growth mindset person!

Love, Red heart



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