31 July 2011

Why We Cannot See God

In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious

Just a sharing from Bro Sirajudeen (IPSI) through my email. May Allah protect us and strengthen our imaan.


Salam, dear brothers & sisters

A short but powerful analogy from Bro. Shah Kirit Gokulal:

'’The atheist usually ask me why we cannot see God if God exist. A simple answer to this would be that not necessarily what we cannot see does not exist.

We cannot see God because God did not provide us with the senses to ‘see’ Him. As an analogy, let say I have created a car. Is the car able to see me? The car cannot see me because I did not create the car with the ability to see me. Just because the car cannot see me does that mean I do not exist?

Despite the car cannot see me, I can see the car! Similarly God can see us in spite of we cannot see God. The very fact the car exist also proves that I (the maker of car) also exist. Similarly the existence of our universe is also the fact in the existence of its Creator.”

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-Ahmed Siraj-


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